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Writing Workshops at Powell's Books


Write Around Portland offers a unique generative workshop called Prompt designed for writers and aspiring writers in the greater Portland area who want to participate in a Write Around workshop and support the communities we traditionally serve who might not otherwise have access to writing and community.

Based on the acclaimed Write Around Portland model, this dynamic 10 week workshop incorporates our favorite writing exercises designed to inspire the writing life, including freewriting; work with writing elements; strength-building feedback and early-draft revision. The workshop caps off with a community broadside.


        2015 Sessions

Session 1:
Ten weeks, Wednesdays, Jan 28 - Apr 1
Session 2:
Ten weeks, Mondays, Mar 16 - May 18
Session 3:
Ten weeks, Tuesdays, May 19 - Jul 21
Session 4:
Five weeks, Tuesdays AND Thursdays, Sep 15-Oct 15
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Session 5:
Ten weeks, Wednesdays, Oct 7 - Dec 16 (skip Nov 25)
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Time: 6:30 - 8:30pm

Location: Powell’s City of Books

1005 W. Burnside, downtown Portland

Cost: $285 - Payment plans available

Cost includes free parking, snacks and access to the “Bowels of Powell's.”

Workshop facilitators listed below.


Proceeds help fund Write Around Portland programs, including our free workshops in hospitals, treatment centers, schools, senior centers, prisons, low income housing buildings and homeless shelters.

Pre-registration is required and is limited to 12 adults per workshop.

NOTE: Spaces fill quickly! Call us (503.796.9224) to confirm there is space, to register, and to discuss payment options.

Click here for information about our registration, payment options and refund policies.


2015 Prompt Workshop Facilitators:

Session 1 (Jan - Apr): The first time Kellie Ernst read the following from Kurt Vonnegut; “The primary benefit of practicing any art, whether well or badly, is that it enables one's soul to grow.” she pushed back her chair, threw her arms in the air and wailed a quaking hallelujah! in the closest language to truth she knows. This quote captures exactly the stuff – the huge, mysterious, life-affirming, soulful stuff – that keeps her humbly and joyously seeking growth as a writer and facilitator for Write Around Portland. Trained as a Medical Anthropologist and born in love with words she is at home with human stories. She has studied craft with a vast and talented array of poetic and non-fiction specialists and celebrates the discovery of worlds old and new in every literary genre. She wants to write with you.

Session 2 (Mar - May): Sara Guest is an editor and poet. Previous work has included editor for Encyclopaedia Britannica, producer for Harpo Studios (Oprah’s Book Club), program coordinator for Write Around Portland and visiting artist for the Pacific Northwest College of Art. She is currently the resources manager for creative think-tank Sockeye. Recent work can be found in West Branch wired and local anthology An Untold Gaze.

Session 3 (May - July): Mary Kibbe engages with the practice and experience of writing in as many ways as she can fit into her schedule. She writes poetry and creative nonfiction, and has been a recipient of the Baumeister Fellowship in Creative Writing from Fairleigh Dickinson University where she is pursuing her MFA degree. Mary is an assistant editor for TLR: The Literary Review as well as an editorial reader for Serving House Books. As a Write Around Portland volunteer, Mary has facilitated workshops for burn and trauma survivors, at-risk youth, and families living on a low income.

Session 4 (Sept - Oct ): Stacy Brewster has worked professionally in television, advertising, publishing and politics. His fiction and poetry have appeared most recently in The Summerset Review and Magazine. Stacy has volunteered with Write Around Portland since 2007 and conducted workshops for burn trauma survivors, seniors and low-income adults living with disabilities, and many others. In 2011, inspired by the sense of community he felt in Write Around workshops, Stacy co-founded the Full Frontal Writing Collective, a weekly collaboration with six other Portland writers.

Session 5 (Oct - Dec): Kathryn Miller is a writer of things big and small. She works as a copywriter and editor for an interactive agency. She's volunteered with Write Around Portland since 2013, facilitating workshops for at-risk youth, and previously taught creative writing with Writers in Action. She received her MFA in creative nonfiction from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, where she worked on the literary journal Ecotone, and has attended writing workshops at UCLA and The New School. She is a Ralph W. Brauer Fellowship recipient. Her work has appeared in Brevity. 





What Prompt participants are saying about their experience:

"Whether you’ve been writing for eons or have never shared your writing within a group, this experience is not to be missed."

"Prompt opened my writing in different ways. It pushed me past an extended period of writers' block into a new period of creativity."

"Prompt was fun and inspirational and a great place to meet other people who share the same passion."

"It's well worth the time, effort and money. You'll surprise yourself!"

"It was an amazing experience! I've always wanted to do something like this but was afraid to try until now."

"I felt exhilarated after each workshop. I'm inspired!"

"If you're in a rut, Prompt will get you out. If you're lacking confidence in your writing, it will build you up. And if you don't think you have a unique voice, it will prove you wrong!"

"I loved it! Prompt was everything I'd hoped for and more than I expected. Everyone should take it!"

"The facilitator was well-prepared, inclusive, supportive and an excellent writer."

"Prompt was like a door for me - it opened up my creative side again after a long time. I loved the non-pressure vibe."

"I loved the inclusive, community-building part of the workshop experience."

"This was an incredible experience. It's hard to express how much this has really impacted me and made me feel so much more confident about my writing."

"The facilitator was fabulous!"

"The sense of community was strong. It was a wonderfully diverse group of people that likely would not have otherwise met."

"It was great! Prompt helped me gain confidence and excitement about my writing."

"This is a great way to stretch yourself, deepen your experience of who you are as a person and a writer."

"I really enjoyed coming together with people from all walks of life and different age groups. It reminded me of what we share as humans - joys and sorrows."