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Featured Writer: Rachel

Meet February Featured Writer Rachel, read her piece "Smile for Me" and learn about her experience in a Write Around Portland workshop at Legacy Emmanuel Medical Center.



Featured Writer Archive

Read interviews with all of our monthly featured writers and about the impact Write Around Portland has had on their lives and communities.


To Write With Each Other Blog

To Write With Each Other is our blog celebrating the William Stafford centennial, where participants in our 2014 workshops to shared their writing, inspired by the poetry of William Stafford. You'll find information about Williams Stafford and this project on the blog.



Our Books and Where to Buy Them


Write Around Portland publishes high-quality and unique books featuring the powerful, engaging writing by participants in our workshops in hospitals, schools, prisons, treatment centers and social service agencies. These anthologies are professionally designed by Precious Bugarin, and more than 70 volunteers help us put each book together.

Books are sold at the bookstores below and are also available for $12 through our office (plus postage and handling, if mailed). Call us at 503.796.9224 for details. Copies of the most current book are generally available for sale 1-2 weeks after their release at the following bookstores for $12:


Some anthologies can also be checked out at some Multnomah County Library branches. You can also request a copy at your local branch.    


Some of our older anthologies may also be purchased directly from Write Around Portland for $12 each (plus postage and handling, if mailed) and some new and used copies may be available through



Write Around Portland Anthologies & Chapbooks by Year


    Paper in My Shoes

    (Summer, Vol 17, No 2)

     Intersecting Lines

    (Washington County, Summer, Vol 1, No 1)



  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • (Spring)
  • A chapbook of writing by Parkrose elementary and high school students


  • Have You Seen My Buffalo?
  • (Spring)
  • Chapbook featuring 5th graders in the Parkrose School District


    Blueprint to My Backbone

  • When The Leaves Come Out of Their Trees
  • (Fall)
  • Chapbook featuring 5th & 6th graders in the Parkrose School District



The Cracks in the Paint (Summer, Vol 11, No 2) 

More Than a Book (Fall, Vol 11, No 3)


  • A Rare and Necessary Time (Spring, Vol 10, No 1)
  • And We Flew (Summer, Vol 10, No 2)
  • Now/Past/Future (Fall, Vol 10, No 3)


  • Called to Speak Stories/Inspirado a Contar Cuentos (Spring)
  • Unexpected Metaphors (Summer)
  • See the Water Rise/Ver Las Aguas Subir (Fall)


  • Behind Me the Sun (Spring)
  • City. Night. Sky. (Summer)
  • Echoes (Fall)
  • When You Were 15 (Spring) - in partnership with         Reclaiming Futures/Multnomah County - download at


  • I Feel This Truth (Spring)
  • The Sparkle in the Grit (Fall)


  • Walking on Slant (Spring)
  • Everyday Revolutions (Fall)


  • Gifted with a Twisted Verb (Spring)
  • All & Sundry (Summer)
  • Stillness is the Opening (Fall)


  • I Say What Is Real (Spring)
  • Where the Mirror Explodes (Summer)
  • The Roots of All the City's Lamps (Fall)


  • The Silence Underneath All Sounds (Spring)
  • To Pay My Way With Stories (Summer)
  • Your Body And Warm Earth (Fall)


  • A New Garden (Spring)
  • Finding The Formula (Summer)
  • The Pedestal of Everything Wonderful (Fall)


  • Reflections in Ink (Spring)
  • A City of Words (Summer)
  • A Light to Reach (Fall)




Write Around Portland is featured in Circulating Communities: The Tactics and Strategies of Community Publishing (Lexington Books). It's the first-ever book about community and college publishing projects across the country, and we're honored to be a part of it.

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"In these pages of a Write Around Portland anthology, you’ll encounter a number of voices that—without the efforts of this worthy organization—might not have been heard..."


- Paulann Petersen,

Former Oregon Poet Laureate


"Write Around Portland is an organization that makes me

proud to be a Portlander.

Their anthologies are amazing."

- Ursula K. LeGuin, author