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Landra Glover

Landra Glover, 35, participated in a Write Around Portland workshop through Rigler SUN school. Landra was born in Illinois and moved to Portland with her family when she was in grade school. She received a degree in journalism from the University of District of Columbia in Washington DC. She now works as an office administrator and lives with her 4-year-old son. Landra's writing and an interview with her about her writing workshop experience follow.



The Best Feeling in the World

by Landra Glover

The best feeling in the world hasn’t quite happened yet because my life is still going. I’ve had a lot of good feelings. For example, being a mother to my son, traveling, falling in love and getting to know myself a little better than before. The best feeling in the world could be summed up into several small tiny itsy bitsy feelings but I refuse to say that there is just one. The best feeling in the world:


My son will grow up to be a strong, positive young man. 

I will go to Africa, Australia and learn a new language. 

To sing happy birthday to my mother when she turns one hundred. 

To sincerely forgive past pain and hurts. 

To watch my country become a better place to live. 

To live in this world knowing that I have no regrets and something better is waiting for me.


The best feeling in the world will be several small tiny itsy bitsy feelings from a million different experiences, and they together will be the best feeling in the world. I will take great pleasure in sharing my experiences in the hope that someone else will have some of the same experiences.


© 2012 Landra Glover & Write Around Portland     

from our anthology, Roundabout 



Interview with Featured Writer Landra Glover

Interview by Write Around Portland volunteer Zoë Rudman


How did you find out about Write Around Portland?


From the executive director of a foster care. She told me about it, I looked it up, and the only thing I could think of was “Why didn’t I know about you guys when I was 15?” Every student, everybody in the world should have to do Write Around Portland.


Tell me about your experience as a writer before and after the workshop.


I’m really starting to try to own that I’m a good writer. I’m emotional [talking about it]. I think that’s why Write Around Portland really touched me.

Write Around Portland really gave me this reminder that one of my talents was writing. I’ve forgotten that that’s in me, and Write Around Portland has helped me begin to own that again. Regardless of what anyone says or thinks about me I’m gonna keep writing until I literally leave this earth.


How was your experience writing in a group? Sharing with others? Hearing other people’s stories?


Everybody has something to say. Everyone has something that strikes a chord or a light bulb turns on. How people describe things just made me want to paint pictures for people [of their words]. I was just intrigued by some of the things people in the workshop would say. That still has stuck with me.


What was it like reading your piece at the anthology release party?


I didn’t realize that it held so much power. One of the other things I’m learning to accept is that I have the ability to speak. My voice does something to people when I read my writing. 

When I read, I have the opportunity to make change. It’s more the feeling afterwards, people come to me and say “I have chills” and I’m like “Really?”


Do you hope to continue writing in the future?


Yes. I want to take another workshop soon. It was literally life changing.  If I won the lottery I’d donate a million dollars to Write Around Portland. It touched my self-esteem. It gave me ownership.


Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your writing or your experience in the workshop?


If you ever get the opportunity to participate in Write Around Portland, do it. Don’t even hesitate.




"If you ever get the opportunity to participate in Write Around Portland, do it. Don’t even hesitate."

--Landra Glover,

Workshop Participant 


Featured Writer

Landra Glover

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