Facilitator Materials

Facilitator end-of-workshop evaluation:

Anthology Submission materials:

Exercises and Prompts:

Materials for workshops at HOTLIPS:

  • Instructions for facilitating a workshop at HOTLIPS (revised 7.13)
  • Freewrite refresher
  • HOTLIPS prompt log and agenda

Tools on offer to facilitators:

Ask us if you would like to use any of the following and we’ll make arrangements to get them to you:

  • Smell prompts
  • Sound prompts – We have a sound machine (ocean, thunderstorm, traffic, etc.) as well as music prompts.
  • Maps – for writing about setting, place or characters
  • Tactile prompts – assorted fabrics, seashells, other items with interesting textures
  • Object prompts
  • Word bag – Like your phrase prompt envelope but individual words. Great for haiku and many other exercises.
  • Picture prompts – people, places, animals, things