Featured Writer Judith Essien

The experience is unforgettable, I can now write more creatively and longer. The sharing is very energizing and encouraging.

—Judith Essien

This past fall, Judith Essien, pictured, participated in our workshop at Multnomah County HIV Health Services Center for people living with HIV. Judith’s poem, “In Spite of Everything,” was published in our 57th anthology of community writing, Close-up Mirrors/Los espejos de cerca.

Judith Essien

In Spite of Everything

by Judith Essien

In spite of everything, I’m strong
In spite of everything that went wrong
I know I can make right from my wrongs
In spite of the many struggles in life
I’m healthy and I am alive
Every day is a struggle for us to survive
But in spite of everything we are survivors

People like us are victorious
People like us are courageous
People like us are unbeatable
People like us are different and strong
And people like us should band together

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