Donate a Journal

As part of the Write Around Portland experience, every participant gets their very own journal. We always write by hand in our workshops, and journals provide each person with a private space to be creative and vulnerable. Participants also take their journal with them and keep it after the workshop ends. We want to encourage them to write whenever the urge strikes!

Two Black teenaged girls sit on a leather sofa and hold up postcards and journals. They smile at the camera.

Your donated journal can become a vessel for storytelling, validation, and connection! Here is what makes a great journal:

  • Hard cover or soft cover
  • Lined, plain, or grid paper – doesn’t matter!
  • We can use a variety of sizes but nothing too small โ€“ at least 5โ€ x 7โ€ or larger
  • It is important the journal is unused, so make sure all the pages are blank!
  • Images and words are acceptable, however please keep in mind that we avoid journals with political or religious statements, or images that are graphic, suggestive, or feature drugs or alcohol so they can be used in any group or setting

How to Donate

Staff are working a hybrid schedule and may not be in the office during traditional business hours. Please schedule a time to drop off your donations:

Phone: 503-796-9224


Our office is located at:

133 SW 2nd Ave. Suite 304

Portland, OR 97224

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