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Creative Writing Workshops for All

The hardest part about writing is simply getting started. Join us to get some writing done!

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Get delightfully messy

No writing experience required! Led by a Write Around Portland volunteer facilitator, Freewrite consists of writing, sharing, and giving strengths-based feedback to each other. (Sharing is optional!)

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Unlock Your Creativity

Freewrite sessions are 90 minutes long. Your facilitator will give you prompts to inspire your work, but feel free to write whatever you want!


Freewrite is a 90-minute virtual writing session. No preparation or experience is required! Led by a Write Around Portland volunteer facilitator, Freewrite consists of writing, sharing, and giving strengths-based feedback to each other. It’s a great way to unlock your creativity, build or maintain a writing habit, and get some writing done!


*We have a limited number of free spots available in each workshop for past participants or people experiencing financial hardship. Email us at to reserve a spot – no explanation needed or questions asked!

What You’ll Get

Newfound Confidence

Write Around Portland’s strengths-focused model ensures you’ll walk away knowing your strengths as a writer.


Stuck in a rut? Freewrite workshops keep your pen moving to produce pages of new work you’ll be excited about.

New Connections

Connect with writers and lovers of the written word for future support and guidance.

Who Is Freewrite For?

Writers Of All Levels

Write Around’s model is carefully designed to meet every writer where they’re at.


Curious about writing? Want to do more of it? Write Around’s generative model is a perfect way to dip your toe in!

Working Writers

Our model is easily adaptable to the production of new work based on your existing project or idea.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I wouldn’t call myself a writer. Is this for me?

Yes! You don’t need any prior knowledge or have prepared anything to join a Freewrite workshop. You’ll do all of your writing within the session.

I’m an experienced writer. Would I get anything out of this?

Yes! We believe all writers need support, encouragement, accountability, and community. Freewrite is especially designed to appeal to writers at all stages of experience. It’s simply about getting words on a page and providing encouragement to others. Everyone can get something out of it!

Why did the ticket price change?

In 2023, we piloted a sliding scale fee, asking participants to select a ticket price between $5 and $50. However, the sliding scale proved to be confusing for some. Additionally, we found that the ticketholders who paid at the lower end of the range were much more likely not to come to workshop. In order to preserve our time and resources (as well as the volunteer time of the facilitator), we decided to set the price at $25 per ticket.

If you’d like to attend and the fee is too high, please contact us at to reserve a free slot. No questions asked and no explanations needed!

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