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Creative Writing Workshops For All

If you’re looking for accountability and community, join a Prompt workshop!

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Deadlines And Accountability

With generative writing prompts, encouraging postcards in-between sessions, and a supportive, fun environment, you’ll walk away with a renewed passion for your writing!

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New Writer Friends!

Prompt workshops bring together people who share your interests. Gather feedback on your work and build connections for future support in our fast-paced 8-week workshop. 

Upcoming Prompt Workshops

*Note: We have a limited number of free spots available in each workshop for people experiencing financial hardship. Email us at prompt@writearound.org to reserve a spot. No need to explain or justify the situation — just let us know!

Beginning Tuesday, Sep. 17

8 Sessions, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Tuesdays, Sep 17 – Nov 5


Prompt Online: Embracing Autumn

Hosted on Zoom

Prompt is an 8-week series of connected workshops full of freewriting, listening, and strengths-based feedback. With accountability and community built in, you’ll be able to bundle up all your summer memories and turn them into beautiful art. Join us!

Beginning Wednesday, Oct. 30

5 Sessions, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Wednesdays, Oct 30 – Dec 4 (skipping Nov 27)


Prompt Online: National Novel Writing Month Support Group

Hosted on Zoom

Coming soon!

What You’ll Get

Newfound Confidence

Write Around Portland’s strengths-focused model ensures you’ll walk away knowing your strengths as a writer.


Stuck in a rut? Prompt workshops keep your pen moving to produce pages of new work you’ll be excited about.

New Connections

Connect with writers and lovers of the written word for future support and guidance.

Who Is Prompt For?

Writers Of All Levels

Write Around’s model is carefully designed to meet every writer where they’re at.


Curious about writing? Want to do more of it? Write Around’s generative model is a perfect way to dip your toe in!

Working Writers

Our model is easily adaptable to the production of new work based on your existing project or idea.

Here’s what past Prompt participants had to say…


“Regardless if you’ve been writing for eons or have never shared within a group, this experience is not to be missed.”

Rachel Carillo, Prompt Participant

“Take this workshop! Whether a serious writer or a writing enthusiast, the instructional style, the group dynamics and the orderly but casual transition from one activity to another, allow for valuable creative instruction.”

Kathy Larrabee, Prompt Participant

“My experience in this workshop has provided me better access to my creativity.”

Cari Faszholz, Prompt Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

8 weeks seems like a long time. Why 8 weeks?

Prompt is a special program designed for folks who want to improve their writing and build community with fellow writers. In 8 weeks, you’ll generate tons of new writing, gather feedback from others, and revise a piece for future publication. It’s definitely a sprint, but folks have told us it’s worth it!

What if I have to miss a session?

Simply let your facilitator know. Your facilitator can offer you a self-directed make-up session you can complete at your convenience. 

What if I don’t like the workshop?

The first Prompt workshop is FREE! If you don’t enjoy the first session, Write Around Portland will refund you or apply some or all of your workshop fee toward a tax-deductible donation. 

I don’t know if this workshop is right for me. How do I decide?

Prompt participants do NOT need to be professional writers or have written anything in the past! This workshop is designed to be as flexible as possible, so everyone from very experienced to very new writers will get a ton out of this experience. We encourage you to give it a try!

You used to offer sliding scale pricing. Why the change?

We found that sliding scale pricing was confusing for some registrants — and the vast majority of folks paid at the lowest end of the scale ($195). To make things a bit clearer, we decided to standardize the price. If the price represents a financial hardship for you, please email us at prompt@writearound.org to request a free seat. We hold a few free seats for each workshop!

Didn’t find your answer?

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