Launching our Fall workshops

We are thrilled to be partnering with 10 communities this Fall: Are you interested in bringing a creative writing workshop to your organization? We have several programs that might be right for you and your community. Our agency workshops are only possible with donor support. Thank you!

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Journals, Journals, Journals!

As part of the Write Around Portland experience, every participant gets their very own journal. We always write by hand in our workshops, and journals provide each person with a private space to be creative and vulnerable. Participants are also welcome to take the journal with them and keep it after the workshop ends. We

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The Anthology Archive – A Love Story

Since Write Around Portland began in 1999, we have published 60 professionally designed and printed books of workshop writing. Each time a book is published, participants who submitted get a free copy. We also distribute copies to local booksellers (such as Powell’s and Broadway Books), and we place recent copies on the website for purchase.

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Teaming up with HomePlate

For our traditional writing workshop programming, it takes two! Organizations, that is. Each year, we collaborate with around 20 social service agencies to bring our creative writing workshops to the people they serve. While our workshops usually run for 10 weeks, every partner has different needs – which means our workshops can take on dramatically

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That Post-Reading Glow

what makes a write around portland reading so special? Some wander in alone. Some cluster in groups, their nervousness showing in the way they giggle and cling to each other’s arms. The soft, inner illumination of someone’s face as they thumb through a book, first at the table of contents to find their pen name

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