Our 2023 Revision

At Write Around Portland, we LOVE getting started.

We love putting our pens to paper and keeping them moving. But sometimes, a rewrite can be equally enriching.

That’s why, in 2023, we’re launching a revamped set of newsletters!

Designing from the heart

Bryan Zentz’s speedy artwork and in-kind donation make our publishing program possible

Welcome, new facilitators!

We’re celebrating these friendly (and COVID-safe!) faces who accomplished a BIG milestone with us. They are newly minted volunteer Write Around facilitators, who completed 27 hours of training last month!

A new literary voice In Portland

We’re cheering for Lora Lafayette, a writer from one of our very first workshops! Lora’s memoir, Possums Run Amok: A True Tale Told Slant was published to great acclaim and is now nominated for an Oregon Book Award!

We’re hiring our next Executive Director

As you may have heard, we are currently searching for our next Executive Director! This is a rare opportunity to work with a warm and well-established nonprofit of 23 years that brings their values of respect, writing, and community into every action.

Exciting Staff Updates!

Change is in the air. We are excited to welcome two new positions to help us achieve our mission of respect, writing, and community even more profoundly.

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