Resource Share: A Year In, We’re Inspired to…

At the start of 2021, Write Around Portland added this resource and advocacy section as a new part of our monthly e-newsletter.  You can revisit all of the posts, resources, and prompts from 2021 in this post!

A Transition, and Much Gratitude

It is with both an excited and a heavy heart that I write to you to share the news that after 5+ years as Write Around Portland’s Development Director I will be transitioning out of my staff role at the end of this year.  

Featured Writer Celeste Jones

Celeste Jones first wrote with us in 2009 at Home Forward, Ruth Haefner Plaza for adults living in affordable housing. Her piece above, “Touch of Life,” was published in our Fall 2017 anthology, Know These Mountains.

Featured Writer Kari Baher

Kari Baher participated in our spring 2021 hybrid online and by-mail workshop at Friendly House for members of Friendly House’s community, recreation and education (CRE) program. Read her piece, “The Edge of the Sea”.

Saying Goodbye to Jenny: an Interview

Jenny Chu, our Community Engagement Manager, is moving to Denver with her partner, and her last day working at Write Around Portland will be August 13. Jenny has been on staff overseeing our volunteer program since 2014, and she has been part of our community since 2007.

Featured Writer Venetia Kelley

Venetia Kelley participated in our spring 2018 workshop at Home Forward, Humboldt Gardens for Home Forward residents and adults living in affordable housing. Her piece below, “Tropical Yellow,” was published in our anthology A Wonder I Can Hold.

Featured Writer Lisa Tarr

Lisa Tarr is a current participant in our spring by-mail workshop with EngAGE Northwest for adults, seniors and people with disabilities living in affordable housing. Read her piece “What Is Spring?”.

Featured Writer La’Drina Sweeney

La’Drina Sweeney participated in our Spring 2018 workshop at Rose CDC, Lents Village Apartments for seniors living in affordable housing. Her uplifting poem below, “At the Beach,” was published in our anthology, A Wonder I Can Hold. 

Featured Writer Pauline Long

Pauline Long participated in our fall 2020 by-mail workshop with Friendly House in partnership with Home Forward’s Congregate Housing Services Program—a program that helps seniors and people with disabilities live independently in their own apartments. Read Pauline’s piece “Most People Don’t Know That I—”

Featured Writer Myranda Harris

Myranda Harris participated in our fall 2020 remote workshop at Multnomah County HIV Health Services Center for adults living with HIV. Read her poem “The Seers”.

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