Our 2023 Revision


At Write Around Portland, we LOVE getting started.

We love putting our pens to paper and keeping them moving. But sometimes, a rewrite can be equally enriching.

That’s why, in 2023, we’re launching a revamped set of newsletters!

  • We realized we should tell you more about the work we’re doing
  • We want you to be informed on updates and changes to our programs
  • We want you to know that even though we’re a new team, we’re 100% committed to maintaining Write Around’s values of respect, writing, and community.

Our other 2023 resolutions include:

  • Returning to operate our full programming, including in-person creative writing workshops at nonprofit agencies around Portland
  • Collaborating with local authors to host special creative writing events
  • Operating fee-based creative writing workshops online and in-person that are open to anyone
  • Streamlining our marketing and communications to keep you updated and informed on the latest news from Write Around.

Are you on our email list? If not, scroll down to the footer on this webpage and you’ll find a handy form to sign up for our newsletter.

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