Featured Writer Lisa Tarr

[This writing workshop] is perfect for surviving the pandemic and being able to utilize all your creative energy and skills, while in the comfort of your home.

—Lisa Tarr

Lisa Tarr is a current participant in our spring by-mail workshop with EngAGE Northwest for adults, seniors and people with disabilities living in affordable housing. Read her piece “What Is Spring?” below.

What Is Spring?

Spring smells like a cacophony of various floral fragrances and the smell of wet earth that promises to allow the flourish of various fertile bulbs such as daffodils and tulips and various others. It is my favorite season—knowing that the earth is regenerating—coming back to life as if it had been sleeping for a long time—and finally reawakening from its long slumber and amazing us with its life force illuminating the soil with its various forms of plant life and exciting floral displays. It is most definitely my favorite season—and I relish my chance to see the myriad shapes and colors it brings to my garden every spring.

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