Relief through writing

Help us nurture next season’s stories

Dear Friends,

On a chalkboard in temporary housing, Dallas wrote down a list of goals.

One of them was to become a published writer.

Thanks to donor support, Dallas achieved that dream with Write Around Portland!

Dallas’ story is all too common. After enduring a difficult divorce, she lost her housing of seven years. We connected with her at Multnomah Safe Rest Village and wrote with her for 10 weeks.

She is published in our anthology The Whole Root, published in December 2023.

Our Project: Funding for Fall

As a small nonprofit organization, Write Around Portland needs your help right now. As you may know, our programming is seasonal, and our fall network of workshops begins September 9.

When you donate to Write Around Portland before June 30, your donation will:

  • Help us train 12 volunteer facilitators
  • Support 15 creative writing workshops with nonprofits and other agencies
  • Provide journals, pens, handouts, and snacks for up to 270 writers
  • Facilitate the publication of our 63rd book
  • Help us host our Winter Reading & Book Release for over 100 people
  • Support the training of scribes and the purchase of adaptive equipment, large print materials, transit tickets, and other supplies to make writing possible for all.

Can you help us make more writers’ dreams come true? Please give today!

Fall Season Sponsors

Write Around Portland’s 2024 Fall Workshop Season is also made possible by the generous support of:

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