Featured Writer Selena René

Write Around Portland helped me open my thoughts and connect with others.

—Selena René

This past fall, Selena René, pictured, participated in our workshop at OHSU Richmond Clinic, which serves Southeast Portland residents regardless of their ability to pay, insurance, income or background. Selena René’s poem, “Without a Word,” was published in our 57th anthology of community writing, Close-up Mirrors/Los espejos de cerca.

Selena René

Without a Word

by Selena René

Without a word,
It was just a look….

Hands are too hot
Heartbeat I can hear
   in my ears

Without a word,
A sense of ease…
The senses smile

No need to tell me
I can see
What you’re trying
    to say

Just sit still,
Cool the hands

Looking in your
I don’t need the words,
We know what they mean

You said it before, I heard
    it again…. Without a word

©2019 Selena René from our 57th anthology Close-up Mirrors/Los espejos de cerca

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