Writing through the loss of a pet

We were thrilled to see OPB highlight DoveLewis’ Pet Loss Support program last month. In 2020, we partnered with DoveLewis to provide healing creative writing workshops for grieving pet owners. And we’ve continued to provide these workshops quarterly.

Write Around Portland Program Director Sarah Weller noted, “We’ve found that the DoveLewis participants have had wonderful experiences in our virtual workshop space. Many people are advised to journal through their experience of grief, but our workshops give them the time, space, community, and support to actually get their thoughts down on paper.”

DoveLewis Program Director Debrah Lee agreed, saying, “Creative writing has been a powerful tool to allow people to slow down – put pen to paper or hands to a keyboard – and to put words and find meaning in the different facets of the deep bond and love that is shared with an animal companion, as well as the profound grief that comes with their loss. “

If you’re grieving the loss of a pet, please join us at our next DoveLewis workshop on Sunday, June 9! Click below to register.

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