Featured Writer Hasan Chop

My time writing with Write Around Portland has awakened a renewed burst of creativity for me.

—Hasan Chop

Hasan Chop participated in our fall 2020 remote workshop at Multnomah County HIV Health Services Center for adults living with HIV/AIDS. Read his poem “Journey of the Mind’s Eye (30 light years)” below.

Journey of the Mind's Eye (30 light years)

“How much longer”, she asks, “I can’t keep going”.
“I don’t know”, I said, “how far have we gone?”
30 light years undertaking this journey,
In another 30, we’ll reach the galaxies hurling through the atmosphere-
Through space and time, but with as much expansion to stop on a dime.
See, the glaxies revolve without trying, 
We evolve, I’m not lying,
Dying in this world, but eternally never dying,
Creating legacies where I stand 
Like that dude named Nolan Ryan.
My rhyming blows the minds of those like diamonds
And creates holes SO Deep, light goes dark when shined in.
I hope, with me, you’re finding a tale worth winding
Into a blinding flash of binding passion.
A fashion that happens to be the essence of me,
THIS is the key to eternity, 
Burn it into your mind hurriedly.


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