Featured Writer Hasan Chop

My time writing with Write Around Portland has awakened a renewed burst of creativity for me.

—Hasan Chop

Hasan Chop participated in our fall 2020 remote workshop at Multnomah County HIV Health Services Center for adults living with HIV/AIDS. Read his poem “Journey of the Mind’s Eye (30 light years)” below.

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Journey of the Mind’s Eye (30 light years)

“How much longer”, she asks, “I can’t keep going”.
“I don’t know”, I said, “how far have we gone?”
30 light years undertaking this journey,
In another 30, we’ll reach the galaxies hurling through the atmosphere-
Through space and time, but with as much expansion to stop on a dime.
See, the glaxies revolve without trying, 
We evolve, I’m not lying,
Dying in this world, but eternally never dying,
Creating legacies where I stand 
Like that dude named Nolan Ryan.
My rhyming blows the minds of those like diamonds
And creates holes SO Deep, light goes dark when shined in.
I hope, with me, you’re finding a tale worth winding
Into a blinding flash of binding passion.
A fashion that happens to be the essence of me,
THIS is the key to eternity, 
Burn it into your mind hurriedly.

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