“Tomorrow I Will” by Ron Boyd

“Each workshop I’ve become a better writer,” says recent writing workshop participant, Ron Boyd. “Writing and listening to other peoples’ writing has helped me overcome shyness and have a better understanding on how writing your thoughts helps you in your life.”

Ron wrote with us Fall 2023 at Home Forward, Hollywood East, an affordable housing complex. His piece “Tomorrow I Will” was published in our latest anthology, The Whole Root. Copies available for purchase here.


Tomorrow I will

Become a billionaire.

Then I give away my billions

Tomorrow I will

Write a Novel

I hope people Read it.

Tomorrow I will

Write a Sequel

Then give away copies

To people who like to Read.

Tomorrow I will

Write a third novel,

That so many people Read

I get to Read a few lines

To the President because he

Liked my book so much.

Tomorrow I will

Tell Everyone I met

The President and it’s good he likes

To Read.

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