Writing comes up on a lot of New Year’s Resolution lists.

Is it on yours?

For some it’s a recommitment to their writing practice. For others it’s a tool for self-care or an effort to make more space for creativity and connection.

Whatever your reasons, we welcome you to register for one (or more!) of our creative writing workshops: Freewrite, Resonate, or Prompt!

In 2024, we are excited to be expanding our open-to-the-public workshops, which means opportunities for anyone in the community to write with us!

What’s special about Freewrite, Resonate, and Prompt?

Freewrite is a monthly online writing session. Each 90-minutes session will focus on an inspiring theme to help spark creativity and make the page look less daunting. It is a great place to process emotions, relieve some stress, and connect with others.

Like Freewrite, Resonate adopts a drop-in, 90-minute model for generative writing. Resonate is specifically for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, and is always offered free (thanks to the support of our donors.) Resonate is also offered in-person, as well! Check out the schedule here.

Prompt leans even more into connection and building confidence as a writer. Each Prompt series meets once a week for 8 weeks, giving you a chance to witness yourself and others grow as writers. We offer both online and in-person opportunities.

What is the same about all of them?

All our workshops:

  • Are guided by a Write Around Portland trained facilitator
  • Use fun and interesting prompts to help you generate new writing
  • Reject the idea that spelling and grammar matter – just keep that pen moving
  • Gives you space to share if you choose – we are here to encourage you, NOT push you out of your comfort zone
  • Are designed to meet you exactly where you are at: newbies and non-newbies welcome

Write Around workshops are the perfect way to gently incorporate the powerful tool of writing into your life. Register today!

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